Wigdan Hissein


Fort Wayne, Indiana

Global Health, Biology & Psychology

The concept of surgery has always fascinated me. In my hometown, everyone knew me as the little girl who had big dreams of becoming a surgeon. The thought of hands-on experience with human organs and tissue for an end goal of treatment, healing, and relief has always captivated me. Not just that, but the personal and emotional feeling of supporting others and serving the wider community will forever be a value of mine.
One experience that furthered my interest in the medical field was in 2018, when my family and I visited my mother's hometown of Darfur, Sudan. What I thought would have just been a vacation; transformed into a learning experience. My mother had always reminded me of the harsh medical conditions that affected her community, however, it was not until my personal experience, that I felt the emotional impact it left in me. There were never-ending lines with hundreds of people, all in severe, life-threatening medical conditions, waiting outside of the only medical center in the city, to receive basic medical treatment. The patients waited for hours while burning in the scorching sun, not knowing if they would even have a chance to be seen or treated by the health care workers.
Therefore, at Duke I aspire to continue taking advantage of the various experiential resources that will advance my knowledge in science, research, and introduce me to the diverse field of medicine. My current involvement includes working on a Bass Connections project that focuses on increasing access to surgical equipment in LMIC’s particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. I am also an active volunteer for Duke HomeCare & Hospice, where I aim to maximize and perform comfort-oriented care to individuals who face terminal/serious illnesses. Furthermore, I am also a volunteer for CWS Durham, where spend 1-2 hours weekly, practicing English with refugees who recently immigrated to the U.S. and are striving to rebuild their lives.
Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The future depends on what we do in the present”. Therefore, at Duke, I look forward in continuing to utilize all the educational resources I have today, so that in the future I can serve others, save lives, and alleviate the suffering of individuals and communities worldwide!

Wigdan Hissein
Wigdan Hissein
“Being a Cardea Fellow means continuous support by brilliant, motivated individuals who share the same academic interests and goals as me; allowing me to have a strong network and foundation to connect with throughout my undergraduate and even graduate years. Being a Cardea Fellow allows me to successfully prepare and become a strong candidate for medical school and for a future career in the health field! What I love most about being a Cardea Fellow is the sense of "family" I find in the individuals who are also a part of this program!”