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APPLICATIONS for the Class of 2021 will be open on May 1st.

Contact Dean Perz at akperz@duke.edu with questions or to see if we have space for lateral entries.

The Cardea Fellows Program is for high achieving students who are committed to preparing for a profession in health care by mastering core knowledge in math and science.  

Every undergraduate admitted to Duke has demonstrated academic excellence, yet some students may not have had the opportunity to develop a foundation in science and math that will accelerate them toward their professional goals. The Cardea Fellows Program is designed to enhance the competitive success of high performing students by forming a learning community to help establish a critical foundation in the natural sciences for each fellow.  

The program extends through each student’s four year undergraduate experience.  A fellowship of scholars will be established in the first year.  Engagement will include enrollment in Chemistry 99D, participation in a specially designed first-year seminar in biology, and programmatic activities. Upperclass Fellows increasingly engage in research and preprofessional experiences, interact with a network of Duke alumni, and serve as mentors to first- and second-year students.

The key goal of this multifaceted program is to enable highly motivated students to prepare competitive applications to medical school and other health professions.

Who should apply for the Cardea Fellows Program?

First year undergraduates at Duke University who are

  • eligible to enroll in Chem99D  (please read placement information and course description)
  • interested in a career in health care
  • highly motivated
  • interested in learning science and math in a community with other like-minded students
  • attended a high school that offered few Advanced Placement (or equivalent) courses in math and science or earned scores of 1 or 2 on AP chemistry exam

Are you ready to apply?

Then, navigate to our application page found here.


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